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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover, sommelier or gourmet? You’ve just found it!

The main function of the cooling stick is to keep the wine fresh, to save a lot of space in the freezer, not to hide the label and also to have a very practical pouring spout to prevent dripping.

How does it work?

First, place the stainless steel rod containing a cooling liquid in the freezer for two hours (I always leave it in). After you have served the first glass of the bottle, insert the rod with the spout into the bottle. As the spout contains an opening, the wine can be served elegantly without removing the stick.

How effective is the wand?

We asked an external manufacturer (TTM SA) to carry out a test between two bottles coming out of the fridge in a room heated to 21.2°C. We inserted the wand into one of the bottles. We put the stick in one of them. The result: the white wine in the bottle with the stick stayed below 13 °C for 34 minutes longer than in the bottle without the stick.

Try LeCool. Thanks to the LeCool wine cooling rod, your wine will stay at the right temperature for longer.

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